MG6 XPOWER unveiled: a modern interpretation of the brand’s 100-year racing DNA

Marking the launch of the first production version under the MG XPOWER concept, the MG6 XPOWER version has been revealed globally recently.


With eye-catching and unique sport design elements, the MG6 XPOWER has an overpowering look with an ultra-wide body design and an aerodynamic body kit. Its sleek character lines and lower posture are perfectly complemented by a carbon fibre rear spoiler. The blackened taillight adopts the exclusive "X" shape, which is highly recognizable while the double pneumatic diffusers further enhance the sportiness.


Highlighting the brand’s racing genes, the overall interior is designed with contrast stitching having green and grey highlights. The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel is covered with ALCANTARA leather while the inner door panels are decorated with high-end suede material, which has an excellent texture.


MG6 XPOWER also provides unique "X" family customization with the logo appearing in many places such as sports seats, side skirts, center armrest, and the door sill. MG6 XPOWER further provides each owner with a limited-edition number, which distinguishes the uniqueness of the car for every owner.


The MG6 XPOWER comes equipped with a 305 PS high-performance plug-in hybrid system, including a 1.5T Trophy in-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine and a high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor, which achieves a peak torque of 480 N-m and accelerates to 100 kilometers in only 6 seconds. The finely calibrated chassis suspension also extends an ‘X’-treme handling experience.

The new car comes loaded with a 10-speed EDU second-generation intelligent electric drive gearbox, allowing the motor and the engine power to be seamlessly connected with faster shift response, higher transmission efficiency, and a significant improvement in driving performance.

In terms of braking, the new model is equipped with the imported racing-grade 920E 6-piston fixed callipers specially designed for the XPOWER family, which perfectly matches the performance of the chassis and further increases the braking force. The newly designed floating brake disc is matched with the newly upgraded front and rear calliper brake system to achieve high-efficiency and high-precision braking effect, achieving the performance at 33 meters from 100 KM/H to 0.

The new car is equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 high-performance semi-hot-melt patterned tires imported from France, using dual-tread formula technology and track durability technology 2.0, to achieve high-quality turning experience through the distribution of two different rubber formulas. The outer side of the tire adopts "polymer chain" elastomer, which brings high grip while maintaining appropriate hardness, and can still have the ultimate dry grip performance in large-angle corners; the inner side uses a harder elastomer to bring more precise steering and driving control. In addition, the widened tires and track also further improve the driving stability of the vehicle and better resist cornering and roll.

The newly adjusted spring stabilizer bar and suspension elastic elements have greatly improved rigidity and durability. By adjusting the spring, the overall posture of the MG6 XPOWER body is reduced by 10mm, and a larger shock absorber structure with a leapfrog configuration is adopted to increase the lateral rigidity, better support performance, faster vehicle response, and improved driving comfort and stability.

With a rich history that spans nearly a century, the MG6 XPower represents a modern interpretation of the brand’s racing DNA. MG Motor recently grabbed headlines through the showcase of the Cyberster - its electric sportscar concept.


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