Environment, Health & Safety Policy


At MG Motor India, we strive for excellence in all endeavors while acknowledging our impact on people and environment. Our Purpose is “People-oriented and Safety first”. Safety, health, and environment protection are integral to our decisions and planning. We conduct business ethically, balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations.



We are committed to:


  • Sustainability which is integral part of our business as we care for people and environment.
  • Enhance healthy & safe work environment and improve continuously.
  • Outperform regulatory requirements for safety, health and environment.
  • Engage all Employees, Stakeholders, Suppliers, Customers and other Interested Parties in our performance.
  • Conserve resources through optimal use and minimal waste.



We shall achieve these by:


  • Integrating OHS and Environmental Management Systems
  • Educating Employees, Stakeholders, Suppliers and Customers on EHS matters
  • Mitigating the impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.
  • Optimizing resources effectively by reuse, recovery & recycling.
  • Measuring our objectives & targets, monitoring performance and focusing on continuous improvement.




August 07, 2023