MG Motor Autonomous technology

Autonomous Technology

The future of driving is an integrated future, thanks to the vision of SAIC Motor . Our first step - the iGS - a fully automated intelligent driving car. It can sense and comprehend decisions and is enabled to study her environment and compute visually. 

MG Motor IGS car

MG iGS is truly an internet car and performs in varied degrees for intercommunication which we forsee as creating a safer and efficient driving ecosystem. Hygiene like lane changing, cruise control, auto parking are features taken care by the car ecosystem. 

MG Motor internet car

A truly Internet Car

A car so smart, it trains itself, learns and personalises according to you. Internet Car  is our key step towards the future of connected mobility. SAIC in collaboration with Alibaba in 2014, kickstarted the project to work towards building an ecosystem that supports internet cars. 

MG Motor internet car

At your beck and call

We also boast of a platform so unique it reminds you about the services yourself at your convenience. Yes, the car will itself highlight issues or reminders for maintenance, fix your appointments and pay. 

MG Motor plug in personal

Plug in, Personal

Just like your mobile phone, iGS comes loaded with an interface where you can seek more personalisation by pluggin in customised or standard products. We are serious when we say that the future of mobility is truly personal.  

MG internet car detailed destination

Your destination detailed

The in-car tech offers you detailed maps that help navigate your route with ease and assitance

MG internet car personalisation

Your own car, everytime

Identification is a big part of personalisation. iGS is enabled to identify users - owner or the passenger, and provide personalisation thanks to data on cloud that syncs with YunOS. Did we tell you we love and live technology.  

MG internet car smart co-pilot cockpit

Smart co-pilot cockpit

You will never have a smoother experience driving for the iGS cockpit is like your personal navigator or co-pilot. The dashboard becomes as personal as it gets and its interactive. Yoi can give feedback or personalise it more. 

MG internet car self portrait

A car that can self-portrait

Imagine real time snapshots or portraits of your car driving in an angle you want to see - these are not technologies that we imagine anymore because they come in the iGS. 

MG internet car voice enabled and interactive

Voice enabled and interactive

A buddy on the road, the intelligent technology in our cars enable you to talk and help navigate your way.